Spectacle frame lights
For the first time on production on the occasion of TDM11
Achille Castiglioni
Special project TDM11
3x3x15 cm


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To mark the centenary of the birth of one of Italy’s design greats, one of his favourite partner companies has produced the first-ever series of one of maestro Achille Castiglioni’s quirky and creative inventions. “Nasa” is essentially a battery latched up, via three tricolour wires, to two tiny halogen bulbs, designed to be attached to spectacle frames for reading or, as its inventor jokingly suggested, for sticking up one’s nose. Hence the origin of the item’s descriptive Italian name, “Una specie di presa per il naso della Nasa” (which loosely translates as “Mocking Nasa”), as a playful simplification of high-flying engineering and scientific research. Lighting company Flos, ever since its establishment in 1962, had a special relationship with the Milan-based maestro. At the time, in fact, Castiglioni was a member of the company’s board of directors. Over time, that special relationship would result in the production of some of the most iconic Italian designer objects. Memory of that friendship is still celebrated today and survives in timeless designs such as Nasa.

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